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1) Product size: 153*76*10mm
2) Product net weight: 205g 
3) Power output: USB*2
4) Voltage intput/output: 5V
5) Current intput: 1A(max); Current output: 1A/2.1A(max)
6) Led indicator lights: 4 lights to show different electricity(25%, 50%, 75%, 100%)
7) Led torch function
8) Solar power input: 100mAh/h
9) Advanced switching power supply management
10)Automatic protection when overvoltage, overcurrent, overcharge, or short circuit  
11)Automatic recognition to charge/discharge
12)Battery charge life: over 500 times
13)Power capacity: 4000mAh (up to 8000mAh)
14)Product colors: golden can also black/blue/red/silver
15)Package way: gift box
16)Accessories: usb cable

MOQ: 100pcs

Lead time: 5days

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