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Product Detail£º
1) Product size: D89mm
2) Product net weight: 206g 
3) Power output: USB 
4) Voltage intput/output: 5V
5) Current intput/output: 1.5A
6) Power indicator lights: 4 lights to show different percent
7) Inside LED light to let product lightful and pretty especially in darkness
8) Advanced switching power supply management
9) Automatic protection when overvoltage, overcurrent, overcharge, or short circuit  
10)Automatic recognition to charge/discharge
11)Battery charge life: over 500 times
12)Power capacity: 10000mAh(real 6000mAh)
13)Product colors: red&white, can also be pink or black
14)Package way: paper gift box
15)Accessories: usb cable

MOQ: 100pcs

Lead time: 5days
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